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Quick retrofit responsive CSS

Google has been hassling site owners for months now about making their sites responsive and mobile-friendly. The two things aren't the same but the big G doesn't care, so I finally caved in to their nagging and jumped on the site to change the CSS. This site always had a very simple stylesheet and a really basic structure, which lends itself to responsive [...]

Displaying a panorama via HTML5 and canvas

Just a quick experiment - I found myself needing to display a very wide panoramic image within a page, and found that all traditional methods had their problems. Just scaling the image down to fit meant all image detail would be lost, but using it at full width would blow out the rest of the layout and look a mess. So I did a bit of digging [...]

Formatting for import to OS X address book

Just spent an hour working out how to output a list of contacts from a web application in the correct format so that it can be imported into the address book in Apple OS X. It's basically a simple text file with the values separated by tabs and each distinct entry separated by a new line. The clever bit is that by using the first line (which might [...]

Feel the power of the SVG...

Just spent a very enlightening few days finding my way around scalable vector graphics (SVG) code. Incredibly powerful stuff, as I hope the slightly hypnotic animation I created above shows. As more and more browsers support the SVG standard natively, complex, scalable, low impact graphics without the need for Flash will become a reality.Currently [...]