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More old bike tech...

I found these rather lovely bits attached to a slightly cobwebbed Hetchins bike being stored in a wood shed. Firstly, a wonderfully elegant little Campagnolo Gran Sport front dérailleur and secondly a high flange reversible alloy hub, with a six-speed casette on one side and fixed singlespeed racing setup on the other.

Antique bike tech

Just spotted this near my house - a 1920s bike with interesting-looking original centre-pull brakes and wingnut quick release hubs. Possibly also original 1920s brake blocks...

Masking the impossible...

Tricky little bit of masking this. Chain, sprocket teeth and particularly spokes were very difficult to mask by normal means so the whole object had to be drawn as a vector and then the path was used to create the mask. I'm particularly proud of the spoke nipples.

Curly Hetchins - frame of champions

When I was growing up and first riding a proper bike I had a knocked about old 10-speed racer built up from a frame pulled out of the local lake. But once my brother left home, I was allowed to ride the bike handed down to him from my dad, an original cream curly stay Hetchins produced in the mid 1960s. The curly stays were allegedly to improve [...]