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Another film panorama: London's Southbank 1955

Another experiment with captured film frames and stitching techniques to produce a panorama. This time it's a view of London's Southbank, shot in around 1955 for the opening sequence of the thriller 23 Steps to Baker Street. Great skyline of St. Paul's cathedral, Bankside power-station (now the Tate Modern), Waterloo Bridge, the Royal Festival [...]

Funny Face: panoramas from a camera pan

Just another experiment with panoramas. It occurred to me that you could make an interactive panorama of a scene from a film, just by stitching individual frames from the film together into a wide image, much as you would construct a normal panorama by taking a number of separate shots at different angles. To test the idea, I chose Funny Face, [...]

Displaying a panorama via HTML5 and canvas

Just a quick experiment - I found myself needing to display a very wide panoramic image within a page, and found that all traditional methods had their problems. Just scaling the image down to fit meant all image detail would be lost, but using it at full width would blow out the rest of the layout and look a mess. So I did a bit of digging [...]