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Another film panorama: London's Southbank 1955

Another experiment with captured film frames and stitching techniques to produce a panorama. This time it's a view of London's Southbank, shot in around 1955 for the opening sequence of the thriller 23 Steps to Baker Street. Great skyline of St. Paul's cathedral, Bankside power-station (now the Tate Modern), Waterloo Bridge, the Royal Festival [...]

Funny Face: panoramas from a camera pan

Just another experiment with panoramas. It occurred to me that you could make an interactive panorama of a scene from a film, just by stitching individual frames from the film together into a wide image, much as you would construct a normal panorama by taking a number of separate shots at different angles. To test the idea, I chose Funny Face, [...]

Best on-screen fight to the death ever

Cloak and Dagger (1946), the film featuring my favourite on-screen fight scene of all time was recently shown on UK television. Directed by Fritz Lang, the film tells the story of mild-mannered nuclear scientist Professor Alvah Jesper, played by Gary Cooper, as he is drawn into a chaotic secret operation in Nazi-occupied Europe, and comes to realise [...]