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Foldify papercraft app

Time to get out the safety scissors and start eating the glue, because this looks like a lot of fun! Foldify is a really neat app for iPad that allows you to directly paint a design onto a choice of simple 3D shapes, which can then be printed, cut, folded and glued. The app also offers a gallery of contributions from other users which can be printed [...]

Was iOS preferences icon drawn by a monkey?

I've just spent some time updating my ancient iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and noticed the preferences icon had changed. On closer examination it looked distinctly dodgy - as if a monkey who had only seen the original for ten seconds was forced to reproduce it from memory. Compare the iOS version shown above to the OSX version shown below. The clearly defined [...]

iPhone prototype - codename 'Ziggy'

All this recent talk of Siri reminded me of another personal communication computer device. Note the small form factor, touch screen and voice command support. Does anyone make a Ziggy iPhone case?