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Homebrew Time Capsule Project

Just a walkthrough of my homemade Time Capsule based on some old hard drives and low-cost hardware. Spent a bit of time last week hacking a Seagate GoFlex Net into an old rackmount server case which I cut down and converted to use SATA drives. Result is a nice super low-power network accessible storage array in a small space-saving casing.

Why your iPhone home button doesn't work...

iPhones have a few common problems that come up again and again. Cracked screens, splitting cases and dodgy headphone connections often occur but the most common problem seems to be the hardware buttons; either the sleep/power button or the home button just stop responding, or become inconsistent. This can be caused by one of two issues: the contacts [...]

Apple ergonomic grumbles...

I've been hard at work on a couple of new projects recently, and spending hours hunched over keyboard, Wacom pad and mouse have perhaps made me over-sensitive to bad ergonomics. Take the Apple Magic Mouse. It's wireless, and the surface is one big trackpad. That's good. It's very accurate and works on any surface - also good. But reach for it while [...]

Was iOS preferences icon drawn by a monkey?

I've just spent some time updating my ancient iPhone 3G to iOS 4 and noticed the preferences icon had changed. On closer examination it looked distinctly dodgy - as if a monkey who had only seen the original for ten seconds was forced to reproduce it from memory. Compare the iOS version shown above to the OSX version shown below. The clearly defined [...]