Contaflex photography industrial-design ideas

Zeiss Contaflex camera

Close up photo of a Zeiss Contaflex lens showing shutter bladesClose up photo of a Zeiss Contaflex frame indicatorPhoto of a Zeiss Contaflex - mid-1950s SLR camera in black and white

One of my beloved cameras. Contaflex were 35mm SLR cameras produced by the German Zeiss company in the 50s and 60s. This particular one is a Contaflex I, featuring a between-the-lens leaf shutter in a lovely Zeiss Tessar 45mm f:2.8 lens.

This thing is built like a tank, has amazing optics and has zero electrical components. On the downside, the lens and shutter system is unbelieveably complex and if it goes wrong it is really fiddly to mend. I have disassembled two of these to free shutter blades that were sticking and believe me it isn't something I'd recommend.

It is now having other issues; the mirror silvering has begun to peel off and the prism has a small ding, meaning the viewfinder image is flawed. I may try to resurrect this one, or try to find a happier example to replace it.

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